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Buffet Storage for Your Living Areas

Introducing an exquisite collection of buffets in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville, our online store—the perfect addition to any home. These quality-crafted cabinets are unique and special and offer both style and functionality.

Our selection provides ample storage space for all your needs while boasting a beautiful design that will add a touch of grace to your dining room or living area. Whether you need additional storage for cookware or want to use it as an eye-catching display piece, these buffet cabinets offer the perfect solution!

Elegant Storage for Your Dining Room

Our buffets in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Townsville, and online stores combine natural and veneer woods with a range of finishes that give your dining room a warm, inviting feel. They add a touch of elegance to a formal dining space and are perfect storage solutions for special serving dishes and tableware.

Some of our contemporary range enables you to showcase your trinkets and dinner wear without compromising aesthetics. Cabinets can be found with double or triple doors, and many feature drawers or shelves built-in.

Not only are they an elegant feature of any living space, but these cabinets are also perfect for 'hiding' toys and games when hosting a more formal occasion in your home. A vase of flowers, treasured photos, and trinkets can find a home on top of the cabinet as an aesthetic element.

Inspired Features for Any Home

When making a statement in your home, nothing quite beats the impact of an inspired cabinet feature. Opt for sleek lines, bold hues, and subtle textures if you want something contemporary. Choose materials such as natural timbers and veneer to elevate the look that will bring out the best in your design scheme. 

For those who prefer a unique, country lifestyle look in their home, you won't be able to go past our Bridgetown Buffet with its weathered white finish and boho hardware. Built with adjustable shelves, this customised choice is a real winner.

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment with Colour 

Colour is a powerful tool for expressing one's personal style and creativity. Home decorating can be an exciting adventure, but sometimes it can be hard to decide which colours to choose. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with colour when choosing buffets from our Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville, and online stores. If you want your home to truly reflect you, now is the time to ditch your go-to colour and choose ivory, a moody oak, or something with pewter-toned hardware.

Decorate Your Home with Ashely Furniture Homestore

Ashley Furniture Homestore is an excellent option for anyone who wants to decorate their home in style. With its wide selection of furniture and accessories, you can find something perfect for your space, no matter the size or theme.

Not only do we provide quality furniture for all areas of your home, but our customer service is among the best you will receive. Along with our great, everyday prices, look out for our exciting deals and promotions throughout the year.

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